Sept 2013 John Walsh encouraging Wilson

​Dec 2011

1st Delivery of toys to Midland Sheriff Office

​Lives We Impact:

Toys for Cops is a nonprofit organization 501(c)3 registered in the State of Texas. The toys are donated to law enforcement. Law enforcement then distributes these toys to children during the holidays and throughout the year as crises arise. A child going through a crisis may have been abused; may have seen or been a victim of a crime; may have had to go into Child Protective care on an emergency basis. These children who receive these toys are going through a tough emotional time in their lives. The toys don't solve their problems but they let the child know that someone cares. The first responders in law enforcement see children in horrific situations every day. They are the ideal ambassadors to help with getting toys to the kids who really need them.


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John Walsh, "America's Most Wanted" & Sponsor of the "Adam Walsh Act" encouraged Wilson with TFC 9/2013:

Toys For Cops

Toys for Cops Donating Toys To Children in Crisis Situations

What we do:

At Toys for Cops, we rely solely upon donations. We provide new toys to children in crisis situations throughout the year using law enforcement, Crisis Intervention and Child Protective Svcs.

In 2011, our founder, Wilson Clark, a 9th grader, founded Toys for Cops. Wilson's Dad, a law enforcement officer told him about a 4 year old being left home alone so that her mother could buy more drugs. Seeing that there are many children suffering from crises in our community, Wilson started "Toys For Cops" an official charitable organization recognized by the IRS.  Toys for Cops, non profit, donates toys to comfort children in crisis situations like this 4 year old girl.

​How can I help?

Help by donating through a secure tax deductible contribution.

  MISSION STATEMENT: Non profit charity donating toys & comforting children in 
   crisis situations utilizing law enforcement & supporting agencies.